The Weirdness Of College Hoops In 2020: Patriot League Is Refusing To Let Its Hoops Teams Fly On An Airplane This Season, So Boston/Holy Cross Are Playing SIX Times

We're going to spinzone this as to a great thing. Why? There was actual pessimism that the Patriot League wasn't even going to play this year. That can't happen. We need 32 conferences. I want every team playing - except Bethune-Cookman, who already said they are out this year. I want 32 conference tournaments. I want 32 regular season champions. So even the fact that the Patriot League is refusing to let teams get on planes, it's a positive.

Why? Because we're going to get weird with it. My only complaint is why stop at 6 if you're BU/Holy Cross? Make it a best of 7. You need to have a winner for the regular season series. Who cares if BU plays Army 3 or 4 times besides Cons? You make it a best of 7 and we're cooking with something here. 

This just got me thinking about the biggest rivalries doing this. I'm glad we get Kentucky/Louisville and Cincinnati/Xavier just once. There's something special about one game for bragging rights. Duke/UNC split so many times that it feels almost like a letdown when it happens. I'd rather see Duke/UNC go best of 5 or best of 3. Again, we're in weird times with college hoops this year. Shit, we're just over 2 weeks away from the start of the season and people are still figuring out their schedule. Of all years, this is one to do something like this. I know I've talked to some coaches across the country who always tried to just do regional games this year to avoid flying. This way a team can come in during the morning and bus out at night. I don't care to see BC/Duke. So give me Duke/UNC for a 3rd time. 

Now let's get those nerds from the Ivy League on board and start playing all 32 conferences come January 2021. And before you say it, yes it matters. Think of the upsets. Lehigh over Duke. Bucknell's success. Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Penn from the Ivy. There are good teams that matter come the NCAA Tournament, so let's get there.