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Wake Up With a Size Comparison of Every Fictional Starship

I thought I'd give this video the Jerry Thornton One Minute Test and before I knew it, 12 minutes had gone by. It was as if I'd had lost time, like from an alien abduction. It's one of those little bits of comfort food the internet provides at no cost. There's no mental nutrition in it, but it's not bad for you. You can learn something from it, but it's knowledge that has zero practical application in your life. But damn if it doesn't feel good going down. And I for one am grateful there are even nerdier nerds out there than me with the skill and patience do to the research, art design and CGI to pull something this extraordinary together. It's hypnotic enough to make you forget about the troubles of the world. It turns out there's a whole series of these, everything from comparing fictional buildings to land vehicles to cities. And I know I've just found my newest YouTube rabbit hole. Enjoy, my SciFi geeks.