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I'd Like To Give The Treasury Some Ideas For What Woman To Put On The New 10 Dollar Bill

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Nina Agdal – She’s a 10. Feel like that one’s almost too easy.



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Harriet Tubman – Finding a $10 bill in your pocket has to feel as good as finding the next house on the Underground Railroad. Has to.




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Amelia Earhart – First female to fly solo across the Atlantic? Come on, that’s a big one. Plus she got lost so we can still be like “Whoa a woman on money, congrats! But women still stink at driving things.”



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Eleanor Roosevelt – Big dyke. Huge dyke. A reallllll rug muncher. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t enjoy giggling at that quote every time you have to spend money. Think she did some good stuff too so everyone’s happy.



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Rosa Parks – “Give me your seat.” No. “Give me 10 dollars?” Also no.



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Caitlyn Jenner - First woman on a bill!





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Oprah – First black person and first woman. Kill two birds with one stone. Similar to brushing your teeth in the shower: you don’t really WANT to do either of them, but you know you have to and it’s easier to just do them both at once.



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Betsy Ross – Kind of the same deal as Amelia Earhart. Famous woman, still gives us that “women sew and do housework!” sexist jab that makes this whole thing easier.



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Beyonce – Chicks love Bey, chicks love money. To be honest if we put this to a vote of American women Beyonce probably wins in a land slide, that’s not even a joke.