Is Juju Smith-Schuster Dancing On The Cowboys' Star Pregame While The Kickers Warm Up The Softest Attempt At Trash Talk In NFL History?

Brutal. Genuinely brutal. I know some people will look at this and see it as a kid who has incredible social media acumen just making another in a long line of dance videos for TikTok. But if that were truly the case why do it when there's only the place kickers on the field warming up? Why keep looking over your shoulder before you start filming to make sure no one is looking? To do anything as an opposing player on the Star absolutely has disrespectful intent no matter how you want to look at this. 

And not only does it have clear disrespectful intent, it fucking stinks. Stank. Stunk. All of the above. Classic millennial doing it under the safety of the pregame place kicker warm ups and not in the middle of the game like T.O. many moons ago. Score a touchdown, sprint 50 yards, spike the ball right in the heart of the Star and then do whatever the popular dance of the week may be while mayhem and violence ensues around you. That's the standard. Anything less is Charmin soft and precisely why the Steelers are currently losing at halftime to a quarterback Jerry Jones created in a lab that hasn't quite figured out how to create human beings yet.