Alex Smith Gives The Giants Their 2nd Win In Ugly Fashion


Alex Smith is a miracle walking amongst us. The fact he can put together a 300 yard game after what happened to his leg is one of the most miraculous achievements in sports history. But he also isn't the QB he used to be. His mobility is still deeply inhibited, and his decision making questionable, as seen in the INT above and the one that sealed the game for the Gmen



With the win, the Giants have now won 2 games this year, both over Washington. Daniel Jones is now 4-0 vs Washington in his career and an incredible 1-16 vs everyone else. THAT BAD. But yet does not lose to the Football Team. It's remarkable.

This game was pretty much a must-win if we were going to win the division. The Eagles will now win it going 7-8-1 or some shit like that. Frustrating but that's the life of a WFT fan.

As for next week, I'd give Haskins the start. We know what we have in Alex Smith, Kyle Allen is out with his ankle injury, and the division seems to be out of reach. Give Haskins a shot at redemption vs the Lions. Keep in mind, the last game he started before being benched he had 300 yards and no turnovers vs the Ravens. I think it's time to go back to him, but wouldn't be shocked if Riverboat sticks with Alex Smith.

Also, Terry McLaurin is awesome.