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Ravens-Colts "Win One For Johnny" Live Blog

Jerry Driendl. Getty Images.

This is a big one. Always is. Any time the Ravens match up against the Colts, that is going to be the title of the blog. Win one for Johnny. The Golden Arm always despised the Irsays for what they did and that's reflective of everyone in Baltimore. In fact, Johnny had pictures of Robert Irsay in the pissers of his restaurant in Baltimore many years back. The hate ran that deep. 

This iteration features Philip Rivers, who (if you didn't know) never beat Maryland while at NC State. A big fat ol' 0-4, including an L on his Senior Day courtesy of Nick Novak. Ya boy just tossing fun facts out here on a casual Sunday morning.

The real story of this game is the defenses these two teams possess. A relatively strong defensive effort by the Ravens last week was washed away by careless turnovers that gave the Steelers a short field and even literally put points on the board. This allowed the Dolphins to inch past the Ravens for the #1 defense as it relates to points allowed per game. On the other side, the Colts are actually #2 in the league as it relates to yards allowed per game. Long gone are the days of shootouts at the RCA Dome.

Speaking of domes, this is only Lamar Jackson's 3rd game in his career on turf. One would think that would be a recipe for dominance, but that hasn't necessarily been the case. Both previous games were wins (in Atlanta in '18 and in Houston earlier this year), but he didn't exactly light up the scoreboard. Nor does he have to today. He just needs to clean up the mistakes he made last week, make a play here or there, and let the defense do the rest. He's going to have to learn that some days that is okay, and those days are far more common this season than last. Regardless, I think he bounces back and gets the job done today in a close one.

Ravens win 20-17