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The outpouring of love and support showed to Chris this morning as he began his quest to become an Ironman was incredible. 

His family and team continues to be blown away. Just another example of why Barstool Nation has no equal. 

A lot of people have been asking how they can follow along with Chris' progress so I wanted to drop an update - 

You can track Chris by using the Ironman App which is available here 

If you want to watch Chris at the finish line you can tune in around 11:30-midnight Eastern time here as that's his expected finish time. 17 hours after he started. 

It's gonna be a party once he crosses this red carpet finish line. 6 packs of Corona and smoking hot blondes all on deck to celebrate the momentous occasion. 

Chris' day got started in the usual fashion. With him light and loose, shimmying it up before he embarked on a 2.4 mile swim in the ocean. 

He took to the water with his trainer Dan Grieb tethered to him for the swim

(What a pic)

From there Chris hit a small snag when Chris took a fall on the bike portion. 

But he completed it because he's a warrior and makes no exucses, and he is onto the marathon portion and final leg of the Traithlon. 

I will continue to update as his team sends me more info!

Go Chris!

——- UPDATE ———- 

——— UPDATE 11:06 PM ————

 Chris is at 23.1 miles! 3.1 to go!!! Tune in to watch him become an Ironman!

——- UPDATE 11:21 PM ———-

Down the stretch he comes! 2 miles to goes! A half hour before his target time!

Tune in to Chris’ own solo camera here


He did it!!! Shattered his target time by 16 minutes!! Chris Nikic is an Ironman!