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People Are Surprised Tom Brady Got $170k To Speak At Salem State? He Probably Gave Them A Discount



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(Source)It turns out Brady had a good reason, at least financially, to speak last month at Salem State. The university disclosed Tuesday that its nonprofit Salem State University Foundation paid the Patriots quarterback $170,000 to participate in its annual speaker series. University spokeswoman Karen Cady said Brady’s appearance was funded by proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships. She said no public funds supported his engagement.




Ummm, no shit Tom Brady gets a $170k speaker’s fee, George W. Bush gets $150k and that guy never won one Super Bowl, let alone four. Plus, Tom Brady was the most sought after public figure in the world at the time of this speech. The Wells Report had just been released and every single person on planet earth wanted a comment from him. He probably could have charged ten million dollars and it still would have been cutting them a deal. To be honest Brady got the short end of the stick with this deal. No one outside of Massachusetts had ever heard of Salem State until this and now their name has been in bright lights on two separate occasions. They got infinitely more that $170k worth of promotion from this. So when Salem is flooded with applications for the fall and they end up making money hand over fist, they’ll have one man to thank… Tom Brady. God, he really is perfect.