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OBJ Has Taken To Playing Poker While He Rehabs His Leg


What else would OBJ be doing on a Friday night when he can't play football on Sunday? Guy has to be bored out of his mind and the perfect way to get those competitive juices flowing is to play poker. There's nothing better than having way too much money on the table, playing for your life roll (responsibly, of course). I did that a couple weeks ago playing 15/30 PLO online. Not the smartest decision I've ever made, but it gets the blood rushing through your veins, there's nothing else quite like it.

The only question I have, and it's not about his brown jumpsuit thing, is....why in the world isn't he elevating that leg?! Maybe he's not supposed to be? Is that possible? To be fair, I'm a few credits shy of being a doctor so maybe he's doing it correctly in that leg brace that looks like it's right out of Inspector Gadget, but my first thought when seeing that picture was "someone get him another chair for his leg!". 

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