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Holy Shit, Steve Cohen Fired Pretty Much The Entire Mets Front Office Including Brodie Van Wagenen And Omar Minaya Mere Hours After He Closed On Buying The Team

So the real life Bobby Axelrod does NOT fuck around, huh? The ink from today's closing wasn't even dry and there were already heads on spikes outside of Citi Field. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the waiting music for the conference call before Uncle Stevie logged on to swing the sentence himself.

Obviously Brodie getting fired was not a surprise to any Mets fan or human with a functioning brain considering his best moves were stealing JD Double Davis Davis, who is a good hitter that unfortunately has more uses of the last name Davis than he does as a fielder and Late 2020 Season Edwin Diaz, who every Mets fan is PRAYING shows up for the next few years in Flushing to make the end of Robbie Cano's contract tolerable (as well as take away any pain the prospects traded to the Mariners inflict upon our soul during their careers) along with a bunch of half measures that left the Minor Leagues barren with no talent in the Major Leagues to show for it outside of all the people Sandy Alderson brought in when he was here. But I didn't think Steve Cohen would take care of business that quickly. Maybe it's because I'm used to a bunch of cheap mamalukes that believed in fixing axe wounds with a bunch of band-aids running the Mets instead of a self-made billionaire that is notoriously as smart as he is ruthless. No more Wilpon gravy train for retread players or front office members. With Uncle Stevie at the top of the org chart you better put up results or pack up your stuff because you just got fired, like this sorry son of a bitch.

I'll admit that I do hate to see someone like Omar Minaya go just because I have a soft spot for him after what he did with those early 2000s Mets. But it's a new era in Queens and we are starting fresh, except for Sandy, who I imagine will seem like a completely different exec now that he has real money in the war chest to make moves and doesn't have a fucking moron telling him what to do. Stu certainly seems very fired up about all this.

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