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Ariana Grande Is In A Battle With TikTok Stars After Telling Them To Stop Partying During The Pandemic

Ariana Grande recently released a new (& very horny) album last week. Like any other artist that is releasing a new album, she did a few interviews. One of which was with this fella named Zach Sang.

I've never heard of Zach Sang until this interview, but he appears to be pretty popular. He's also not bad at his job considering he got this quote out of Ariana:

“Of all the things that we could have done, couldn’t we have just stayed home for a few more weeks like all the other countries that were fine, and are better than we are?” Grande said. “Did we really all need to go to f–kin’ Saddle Ranch that badly that we couldn’t have waited for the deathly pandemic to pass?

This was an obvious shot at the TikTokers who frequently attend Saddle Ranch, which has became an infamous steak house. I am hoping that Caleb and Rone eventually do a mini-documentary on the rise of Saddle Ranch as a TikTok Steak House. I truly have no idea how they did it, but they did and I want the story.

Some of the TikTokers were not happy with Ariana attacking them over their right to attend Saddle Ranch. Bryce Hall even said that she was doing it for a publicity stunt!

Bryce was immediately attacked for this, even by our own podcasts:

Some of the Ariana stans even went as far as doing the "check the Google net worth" tweet:

I think what we often forget about these TikTok stars is they use the "punch up" theory very well. Bryce Hall saying that Ariana is using them as a marketing tool is actually a marketing tool for him. 

Dixie D'amelio was asked about it as well:

“I don’t really know what to think,” D’Amelio said at first, before adding, “I mean, she’s right. She’s right, yeah. She’s a queen, I love her.”

Great save there by Dixie. That's why she'll be a star. In times of question, just call the girl with 250 million Instagram followers a queen. 

If you are wondering who is following these teenage TikTok stars around, it's the new version of the paparazzi. There are a few outlets that strictly deal with TikTok drama.

The main one, Hollywood Fix, actually has 1.42 million subscribers on YouTube. So, yeah, there's some serious money and interest on following these young stars around. What does that say about society? That's up to you.