What NBA Draft Prospect Were You Most Wrong About?

With the NBA draft just 12 days away, what a great question. We all have guys that we were certain would pan out once our favorite team drafted them. That's the beauty of the NBA draft. If your team takes a guy, he's going to be awesome. If they passed on someone, that clearly means that player will stink. As someone who roots for a team that has a million picks over the last few years, this was a relatively easy choice for me. It was a little painful to finally admit, but it's a no brainer.

James Young.

After years of holding out hope, declaring he just needed an opportunity, I am man enough to admit that I could not have been more wrong about a prospect than I was about James Young. And I'm wrong a lot about a whole bunch of shit when it comes to the Celts. Drafted into a team with Jae Crowder/Jonas Jerebko/Evan Turner/Jeff Green on the wing, it was already a loaded position to begin with. I thought maybe there was a chance he could crack the rotation at some point, especially when he flashed this type of potential 

Boy was I wrong! James Young played just a total of 751 minutes and had 89 appearances in his three seasons in Boston. Could not have been more of a non factor. In his third year the Celts drafted Jaylen and brought Gerald Green back while they still had Jae on the roster. That was pretty much the writing on the wall. You want to talk about Ainge's draft history? We have to officially chalk this up to a miss. Tough outcome when guys like Gary Harris, Capela, Bogan Bogdanovic, Joe Harris etc all went after Young in the 2014 Draft.

Based on what we learned, it sounded like Young didn't really do his best to earn minutes in practice, and when he did get his opportunity it felt like all he did was run to the corner and hope someone passed him the ball. Considering he shot 25% and 23% from three in his first two years, that didn't work out so well either. 

It's one thing to maybe mention the whole Giannis/Olynyk thing, but nobody knew what Giannis was going to turn into. James Young looked good at Kentucky, had good size at 6'6, and at the time the Celts didn't really have any good young wings to develop. I was certain after watching him in the Summer League there was something there

In reality, all that was there was me being incredibly wrong about what James Young could give the Celts. Hand up, that miss is on me. Sometimes you can't will a guy to actually be good. Sometimes they just stink and you have to admit it.