It Appears The Cowboys Starting QB Against The 7-0 Steelers Will Be Garrett Gilbert. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Last week, the Dallas Cowboys were 11 point road dogs against a very bad, very banged up Eagles squad. Philadelphia covered “pretty” easily. Fast forward a week and the Boys play the 7-0 Steelers coming off a huge win over the Ravens, and get this, the Steelers are favored by only a field goal more (-14). Guess what? It’s only the second time in the entire Super Bowl era the Cowboys have been double digit underdogs at home. 

Hammer the Steel Curtain. 

The big news this week in Dallas was that America’s Ex-Boyfriend Ben Dinucci lost his starting job. Here’s my thoughts on Ben from last week’s 2 Minute Warning on 2 Minute Delay. 

Who could possibly replace him? Guys who you’ve maybe barely heard of. Cooper Rush (the 2019 backup QB) and Garrett Gilbert, fresh off of a stint in the defunct Alliance of American Football. He was definitely the best QB in the Orlando Apollo’s history, so we got that going for us, which is nice. I recently got a DM that he was pretty good for the Browns last preseason, too. Imagine thinking that nugget of info would make me feel better. LOL

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I swear to god, if you love reality show level drama, this team is a wet dream. Every week, it’s something new. This week it was the Red Rifle going on COVID IR; a concussion and Covid in the same week? YIKES. As someone who gets headaches regularly, I can only imagine he must be laying in a dark room somewhere rotating between ice packs and POUNDING Excedrin Migraine. 

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Back to this week though. It is going to be a bloodbath. This offensive line is a PROBLEM mostly because of right tackle Terence Steele. Why he’s still starting is BEYOND me. If I were a pass rusher for the Steelers, I’d be licking my chops and if I were Garrett Gilbert, I would have my icy hot at the ready. 

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As for Dallas’ defense? Get ready to watch James Connor run for 200 yards and Benny Snell run for another 75. Diontae Johnson is going to score 3TDs. Chase Claypool will get his. Juju is already practicing his touchdown celly. 

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Dallas couldn’t score with Dalton, they couldn’t score with DiNucci, so what makes anyone think they will score with Gilbert? News flash: they won’t. The line was so bad they forced Dak to make bad decisions; probably leading to that horrific injury. And it’s gotten worse. Imagine someone with no game experience getting chased by the Steelers line and NOT tossing 2 Pick 6s. (Prop ALERT).

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Why on earth Vegas didn’t put this line at 20, I have no idea. This game has 42-3 written all over it. 

I’ll be back on Sunday with an update and some prop bets (see above) I like. Until then download the Barstool Sportsbook App, and remember to always bet responsibly.

Check below for the highlights from the Eagles 2 Minute Warning, and buy a CeeDee Lamb shirt.