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This Picture Of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez And Kevin James At A Movie Premiere Is Too Damn Funny




How Selena Gomez Got Ready For The Movie Premiere:


-7 hours of make up

-7 hours of hair

-300 hours picking out what dress she wants to wear

-2 hours putting on the dress

– 10 months of consuming only salads and water so she can fit into said dress

-Wondered if Bieber would like the dress

-Headed to the premiere



How Adam Sandler Got Ready For The Movie Premiere:

-Woke up 15 minutes before the premiere

-Went online and looked up his net worth

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.01.27 PM

-Said “Fuck it” and put on a t-shirt and sweat pants

-Wrote his next movie

-Headed to the premiere



PS- Oh and how did Kevin James get ready for the premiere?  He got ready that day the same way he gets ready every day. Woke up, dropped to his knees and thanked God that the drugs Chris Farley did that fateful night were enough to stop his heart.