Is There A Better 46th Birthday Gift Trifecta Than One Based Around Sex Toys, Weed And Alcohol?

[Source] - Louise revealed last month that she hasn't been on a single date since splitting from ex-husband Jamie and said she might never fall in love again.

The other gifts from her thoughtful friends included a cannabis candle and a bottle of Patron tequila.

Meet Louise Redknapp, the ex-wife of Liverpool/Tottenham player Jamie Redknapp. That's not important for the blog, this is about buying gifts. You see she was recently divorced and said she hasn't been on a single date in the last couple years when she got divorced. So what do her friends do for her? Buy her the ultimate trifecta of birthday gifts. Sex toy, liquor and soemthing based around weed. You can't beat it. It has everything you need. 

Now I can't say I go out and buy birthday gifts for friends or shit like that, but buying gifts for significant others, siblings, family members, whatever is impossible once you get past the age of like 25. You can only buy so much jewelry. You don't buy clothes for people because good luck recovering if you buy the wrong size. What do you do now? You stick with alcohol. Get your brother a nice bottle of bourbon. You get bottles of wine. Point being buying gifts suck. Receiving gifts is awesome. 

But think about it now. You light that weed candle. You start ripping some tequila on the rocks, maybe a little soda in there. And then you break out the sex toy. That's a hell of a night! That's a better night than most people. And remember we're appreciating milfs here, so happy birthday Louise: