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A Disney+ Boba Fett Mini-Series May Start Filming As Early As Next Week!

Disney+’s signature original series, The Mandalorian, just returned for its second season, which had wrapped production just before the pandemic hit in March. While not officially greenlit, a third season of the hit Star Wars series has been in pre-production for months, with creator, director and executive producer Jon Favreau publicly stating that he hoped to start filming by end of 2020. That may be the case, with some sources indicating that the new season could begin production as soon as next week (or in late November/early December), while others point to spring 2021.

The confusion stems from the level of secrecy in the Lucasfilm camp. One explanation could be rumors that another Mandalorian-related project, I hear possibly a Boba Fett miniseries, would film first, starting next week, with The Mandalorian Season 3 following after a monthlong break.

COVID has taken a heavy toll on a lot of different movies and TV shows production schedules, with The Mandalorian being no exception. Offsetting the world's collective disappointment over the delay of the third season with a Boba Fett mini-series, though, is a smart move. BF is one of the most universally beloved Star Wars characters there is, if not the singular most beloved. He just looks and sounds so badass that he left this huge impression on all SW fans. However, it has been pointed out with merit that he never really earned his reputation in the movies. He gets comically killed without every really doing anything in the OT other than following Han Solo, and he is a bratty, annoying kid in the prequel trilogy. Not fair!

He was expanded on a lot in Legends and also the Clone Wars series, but not live-action. For those of you watching 'The Mandalorian', he obviously has a part to play in the second season. Would this mini-series re-cast the Temuera Morrison role and go back to younger Boba? Or would it explain the forever talked about escape from the Sarlacc pit? We will see, but hopefully this will all culminate in a Red Dead Redemption style Star Wars Bounty Hunter video game