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This Football Guy Said His Team Won the Region Title Because His Bluetooth Played Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osborne on Shuffle Before the Game

Southern high school football is sport in its purest form. Having both played it and then covered it some in college, I have a love for it that I don't think will ever go away.

And Southern high school football is undoubtedly where you'll find the highest percentage of this nation's Football Guys. For every zany quote you hear from an FBS coach, there are 10 AAA coaches in Alabama who are saying so much wacky stuff on a daily basis you wouldn't even be able to quote all of them.

This week's High School Football Guy of the Week is Dann Holland from Pelion High School in South Carolina, who told his team they were going to win their game Thursday night because his phone played Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osborne and Lynyrd Skynyrd that morning — after he "got right with the Lord a little bit," of course.

I played high school football for a guy who once gave a pre-game speech about how his son was getting bullied so he told him to punch the kid in the mouth and keep hitting him and don't let up, so guys like this are right up my alley. Whether it's giving a speech about being as violent as possible right before going into the Lord's Prayer or finding some way to say God gave you a sign through your Bluetooth speaker that you'd win, that's what Southern high school football is all about.

And whether correlation equals causation or not, Coach Holland was right, as the Panthers won a defensive struggle 12-6 to win the region championship Thursday night. All credit to Iron Maiden.