Delonte West Is Back In The Gym Getting Buckets

Everyone knows the sad spiral that Delonte West went down at this point. It's nothing to joke about and the dude was in a really, really dark place for a hot minute, but as of somewhat recently, it looks as if he's doing a lot better.

Mark Cuban stepped up to the plate and is someone who's helping the dude work through his struggles:

And that story has also been blogged about by Reags and other people at Barstool. Good on ya, Mark. You genuinely seem like a really good dude.

Anyways, I needed to see this quick video today. I'm annoyed with everything. Was stuck in my apartment for 2 weeks because of this fucking godforsaken pandemic, the country is going batshit crazy over the election and you can't turn on the TV or open a web browser without getting all of that shit shoved down your gullet. It fucking sucks. But for a split second, I forgot about all of that watching Delonte West shoot some hoops. That dude has had it worse than myself and most likely anyone reading this blog. Sure, some of it might have been self inflicted, but we're all guilty of self inflicted wounds here and there. Him being in a much better spot today than yesterday was a nice reminder for me personally that it ain't all that bad. Still a lot of good out there.

If you didn't get the same feeling I did watching West hoop for a moment, this might help. Here are some puppies to get ya through the next 30 seconds: