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Gus Johnson Wants To Call National NBA Games Because He'd 'Turn That League Upside Down' ... Uh, No He Has To Stay In College Hoops Forever

Yes, Gus Johnson is exactly right. The product of the NBA is much better, hence why they are playing in the NBA. There are some BAD college basketball games. I'm talking terrible college hoops games. This was a game between ranked teams just a couple years ago. 

But I'm a selfish person. I'm a college hoops guy first. You know who is arguably the voice of college hoops? Gus Johnson. He's iconic. The excitement, the voice, the feel of a big game. There's no one better than Gus as a play by play guy. Him and Raft together during Big East games just does it for me. Two legends and my favorite person in the world in Raft. I can't lose that. I simply can't. 

I'm still pissed and upset that he's not on NCAA Tournament games. It's a true tragedy that we don't have him calling a 14/3 upset on that first Thursday. Just screaming and losing his shit because like me and you he's a fan of the game. We need him screaming his goddamn lungs out and giving us quotes like ‘the slipper still fits’ or ‘Sorrentine from the parking lot.’ Things that are still said to this day and everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about.

I know this is Gus's dream, but we can't lose him in college hoops. We're fighting enough with the NCAA being the worst and bad games. I can't be turning on FS1 and not hearing Gus Johnson welcoming me. The NBA has enough great play by play guys with Harlan, Eagle and Breen. We deserve Gus. Now get him back to the NCAA Tournament.