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We Got A Trailer For The Upcoming Lego Star Wars Holiday Special And It Looks AWESOME

You know what, I am just going to come out and say it. This Holiday Lego Special should've been the Sequel Trilogy. I know there are plenty of people who loved those movies, which is fine. But there are plenty who didn't. However, I can guarantee after watching that 109 second trailer that this special will have a 100% approval rating that can only be matched in a galaxy far, far away by Baby Yoda. Disney still could've introduced new characters and stories while still seamlessly mixing in the old ones without making everybody clones or making the events of the past irrelevant.

Relaxxxxx Sequel Trilogy Truthers, I'm just busting balls about the past because the future is so goddamn bright. Now that The Mandalorian is out, the Star Wars fanbase is one big happy family again and everything is awesome! That should continue with this this holiday special since Lego movies have the perfect mix of witty humor for adults, beautiful animation that shuts kids the fuck up, and original story that keeps things fresh and fun. To be honest, I was sold pretty much once I hit Play. But seeing Baby Yo's adorable big black eyes followed by two Hans debating who should shoot Greedo first had the nerd in me fiending this special like a kid waking up 382,291 times on Christmas Eve because he is fiending Christmas morning. 

So here's to the good people at Star Wars continuing to crush this and keeping the winning streak going that Mando has started. And if by some unbelievable upset it is trash, at least it won't be worse than the OG Star Wars Holiday Special.

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