DK Metcalf Appears To Be Made Out Of Some Sort Of Vibranium

There's just no chance whatsoever that the man in that video is the same species as the person writing or reading this blog. I'm talking 0.0% in common. I guess we both breathe air and eat food? We appear to possess the gift of eyesight. But that's about it. Bugs flying into Mack Truck windshields on the highway don't suffer this much as Marcell Harris experienced here. Wile E. Coyote falling off a cliff and getting crushed by a boulder never found himself as crushed and crumpled as this man. And DK didn't even know he had been struck by an NFL strong safety until this video was tweeted at him. This wasn't the hardest I've ever seen a safety launch himself at a receiver by any stretch, but who cares. You spear an average human being walking down the street with that same amount of force and they're in the hospital for a month minimum. La'Ron Landry with a full head of steam is still ending up folded like an unused accordion trying to take down DK Metcalf. Mostly since his core and bones are comprised of vibranium with veins coursing with molten lava. At least I assume that's what's going on in there, because based on the evidence at hand it sure as shit aint flesh and marrow.