Chicago is synonymous for many things. Let's name a few:

1. Being fat - 

There's no hiding it. Chicago and the midwest in general is full of husky people. That's just the way it is - half the year we're bundled up in 10 layers of clothes trying to avoid the painfully cold weather, the other half we're sitting on patios, eating fried food and cheese non stop. It's just embedded in our DNA at this point. Sue us. How are we supposed to work out if we can't step foot outside due to the cold weather? News flash: we can't. 

2. Being the greatest summer city on earth - 

Yet another fact. Chicago is the best Summer city in the entire country, if not the world. In any non fucking pandemic year, we have a billion bars with outdoor seating, 2 baseball teams, street festivals every weekend and a goddamn lake with a beach running through the entire thing. Just ask Ryan Whitney, he'll tell you all about it:

Nailed it Ryan. Fucking nailed it

3. Deep Dish Pizza

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Now I would like to make this clear: I like deep dish pizza. It hits the spot when I consume it. Myself and the vast majority of Chicagoans just don't consume it THAT much. For me personally, maybe once a year. I would say someone that eats a TON of deep dish pizza is still consuming 3-5 tavern style thin crust pizzas to every 1 deep dish pizza they consume. Most people I'd say it's 20+ thin crusts to deep dish.

But for some reason, the rest of the country thinks we just eat 2" thick pizza for every meal. That's just not the case; tavern style is the true Chicago pizza style, and that's a stone cold fact. 

I frequently get asked by people through DM and email about where to get the best deep dish when they visit Chicago; the easy answer is Lou Malnati's, though I prefer Pequod's personally. In that case, to each their own. I always answer sincerely in my responses and try to direct people on vacation in Chicago to try Phil's on 35th street if they want the true Chicago pizza experience. 

People should be going out of their way for tavern style. THAT is the Chicago pizza experience. Dumpy place with shitty service that serves you your za in a paper bag. Not the tourist trap chain places like Lou Mal's or Giordano's, and if you want to join the movement with us, wear it proud on your chest. Is deep dish good? Yes. Is it most Chicagoan's preferred style of za? Absolutely not.