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How About Coach Duggs Getting Some Airtime During Last Night's MACtion Broadcast?

Uh oh, someone at the (network formerly known as) The Worldwide Leader is going to get in troublllllllllllllle for giving airtime to the brainchild of one of those hooligans from Barstool Van Talk. What a beautiful moment in time captured on film. Sure if you tried to explain that picture to someone back in 2019, their head would explode. But seeing the manifestation of Big Cat's obsession with MACtion grow from the joys of watching/gambling on crazy football on a random night to creating a fictional video game coach that saved the sanity of countless people during a global pandemic to that fictional video game coach being shown during a MACtion game of the team he led to a fictional national championship and received the key to the city of is nothing short of amazing.

I know that we say stuff like this all the time, but there needs to be a 30 For 30 about the rise of Coach Duggs. Not the video game character but the actual man. The amount of things, both good and bad, that had to happen in the world for Duggs to get hired at Barstool are astronomical. Like the same 1 in 14,000,605 chance that The Avengers had in beating Thanos. But somehow, some way everything shook out okay and the world is a better place because of it.