It Is My American And Blogger Duty To Show You Kindly Myers Twerking To Bruce Springsteen's 'Born In The USA'

When I was hired I was told to do a few things. Blog my dick off, blog about Kentucky and blog about shit people want to see. Well, what happens when you combine all three? You get this. Kindly Myers, a die hard Kentucky fan? Check. Bruce Springsteen, my (cliche) favorite artist? Check. Twerking? Check. Shit, American bikini? CHECK. I know Pat does an excellent job with his #TwerkTuesday blogs, but if you just toss in a basketball, a little bourbon and my recliner this is my post. Those are the only things missing. 

Honestly, I hope this becomes a thing. Give me Kindly Myers and all the other smokes dancing around to Bruce. Better than my dumbass hopping around screaming Rosalita. Think we need to put Born to Run album on loop and just have people twerking and dancing to it, rotating after each song. Content, content, content. 

Shout out Kindly. Shout out Kentucky. Shout out the Boss.