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Deandre Ayton Is Getting Ready For The NBA Season With One Of The Most Preposterous Tattoos You'll Ever See

In case you can't really make out that writing it says 'Dominayton.' Get it? Domination and his last name is Ayton. It's absolutely absurd and I say this as a tattoo guy. Now this is still better than anything Bailey Carlin has, but this is the most preposterous tattoo I've ever seen. Whether it's just the word Dominayton or the font or the size, just an ABSURD tattoo by Ayton here. Then again I guess when everyone is saying how the Suns are morons for picking you over Luka Doncic you do whatever it takes to distract them from it. It doesn't even matter that Ayton has actually been a decent player. Luka has been Luka. 

Now I'm just waiting to find out he did this for the bag. Nobody loves getting money more than Deandre Ayton

At least it's not Dejounte Murray's tattoo? 

Dominayton, still laughing at it. This is on par with Paul George calling himself Playoff P, it's only downhill from here. Just an absolutely absurd tattoo.