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Reports State That Our National Nightmare Is Over

And the #MAC is #BACK!!! 

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It has been 341 grueling, antagonizing days since we last saw two teams from our favorite conference clash on the battlefield. I think I can safely speak for every American when I say this - there is NOTHING like the thrill of having half your bank roll on a Northern Illinois University Huskies vs. Buffalo Bulls game on an unseasonably warm Wednesday night in November. 

Look, I've been to DeKalb. That place is paradise on earth. It's so cliche to talk about places like Bora Bora, Hawaii, Phuket when discussing the world's best and most exotic vacation destinations. Whenever I find myself in this exact conversation, I simply tell the person I'm conversing with, "Go to Fatty's in DeKalb on a game night, pick yourself up a 21 year old 6, and thank me later." 

More often than not, they will brush off my suggestion as arbitrary, juvenile and dumb. "Don't knock it until you try it!" I tell them, usually to no avail. Whatever though. Good. GOOD.

Can't be having any of those idiots fucking up the supply/demand of 21 year old 6s at DeKalb bars anyways. With that said - rumor has it NIU's QB is the next coming of Jordan Lynch and that he will not just be the league MVP and All American, but a Heisman finalist as well. I have no idea what his name is or where he's from, but that's the rumor. Just take my word for it, and as a way to pay homage to him, we're going to dedicate a live blog to both him and the Huskies.

NIU is +14, +400, bombs away on the ML. It is highway robbery. Let's go!!! 

#MACTION Northern Illinois vs. Buffalo live blog is LIVE!!! 

PS - Verdansk is open.