Saturday Night Live Announces Foo Fighters As The Musical Guest For This Weekend's Dave Chappelle Hosted Episode

Let me start off this blog by saying that I'm well aware Saturday Night Live isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea anymore; focus heavily shifting towards the 'celebrity' cast members and their just okay impressions of politicians over the past four years has been just....bleehhhh! I'm with ya there. If Dave Chappelle and the Foo Fighters can't get you excited for an episode, though, I don't know who could!

The Foo Fighters (and even just Dave Grohl himself) have a long and storied history of SNL performances, as told by the legendary frontman himself here....

.....and I was actually at the show he talks about flying straight to SNL from via helicopter in 2012! Here's a video from that night:

Shoutout Bamboozle. 

Who knows - maybe they'll even play something new this time around?! 

We've been hearing about this supposedly finished tenth studio album for MONTHS now (it was supposed to come out this year before the coronavirus fucked everything up), and recently, people have been spotting these random "Foo Fighters X" ads all over California….

….and this certainly seems promising….

I don't wanna get ahead of myself here, but a Friday single drop/Saturday Night Live performance would be pretty damn sweet!

Then again, even if they just get up there and play 'Everlong'/'Learn To Fly' in celebration of the band's 25th anniversary, I wouldn't be mad at it. 

One of the last great rock bands still kickin….