Mitch Trubisky Played One Snap Last Week And Got Injured. I Feel Bad For Him And For Us

The hits just keep on coming for Mitch. This fucking sucks. His run of injuries is something that isn't talked about enough when discussing his development arc. In his 4 years he has yet to play a full 16 game slate. Always banged up. Always has his shoulder in a sling. Always fights through it and tries his best to play. We saw it last year and in 2018. Mitch shows up for his guys, but his run of bad luck continues. And so does ours. It's a curse. Even when you have a guy with franchise level talent like Jay Cutler they couldn't get right with the pieces around him, the coaches, or even his injury history. Everyone loves to talk about that Browns shirt with all the different QBs since the Browns came back in the league in 1999. How is that any different or better than the Bears list?

Dave Krieg

Erik Kramer

Rick Mirer

Steve Stenstrom

Moses Moreno

Shane Matthews

Cade McNown

Jim Miller

Chris Chandler

Henry Burris

Kordell Stewart

Craig Krenzel

Chad Hutchinson

Jonathan Quinn

Rex Grossman

Brian Griese

Kyle Orton

Jay Cutler

Todd Collins

Caleb Fucking Hanie

Josh McCown

Jimmy Clausen

Matt Barkley

Brian Hoyer

Mike Glennon

Mitch Trubisky

And now our "savior" is Nick Foles who the Jags couldn't trade fast enough. The only difference between the Bears and the Browns is the Bears ability to put together ALL-TIME bad ass defenses...and then waste them because of the quarterback play. I hate to be the negative guy, but this is our existence. All we are left with is the hope that our guys will only sort of suck and the defense makes enough plays. That is sad.