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The Barstool College Gaming National Championship Is Down To 32 Schools...Who Ya Got For Tonight?

And here...we...go.  

We're down to 32 teams from the original 64 schools.  The 1st ever Barstool Gaming Championship went live last week and it's brought to our good friends over at XP Sports who are also giving away a PS5, Xbox Series X, or $500 gift cart to Amazon for just being you.  How nice is that?  Simply go to to sign up for the sweepstakes and follow along the tournament until a champion is crowned to find out if you get the glory.   

Lotta storylines going into tonight.  Will ND be able to build on their almost 40 point domination of the Round of 64?  Arizona vs. Arizona St - Who owns the Copper St? Will Montana for the first time in the history of the Union be relevant?  

Maybe!  Mragz and yo have some rankings that we totally, 100% wrote up ourselves:

Go Susquehanna State!  You totally exist and deserve to win it all!  

But who do you think is surviving this shindig to the Sweet 16?  Let us know as we leave with some highlights from last week: