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A North Dakota Man Won His State Rep Election Last Night Despite Dying In October

Fox News - A North Dakota state legislative candidate whose name was left on the ballot even after he died from the coronavirus in October was elected Tuesday. 

North Dakotans elected Republicans David Andahl and Dave Nehring to represent the 8th district in the state’s House of Representatives.

However, weeks before polls closed, Andahl, 55, had succumbed to the highly contagious virus that has infected more than 9.3 million people nationwide. 

Despite being "very careful” about the pandemic, Andahl died on Oct. 5 from virus-related complications after being hospitalized, his mother told The Bismarck Tribune at the time.

The politician, who defeated Rep. Jeff Delzer, the longtime incumbent and target of Gov. Doug Burgum, during the June primary, had died after being sick for about four days, his mother said. 

After his death, state Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem affirmed that his name would still remain on the ballot, and if he won, the state Republican Party would appoint a replacement.

Earlier this year, Andahl and fellow District 8 House candidate Nehring won the Republicans' endorsements and voters’ nominations to defeat one of North Dakota’s most powerful lawmakers, Delzer, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

“He had a lot of feelings for his county ... and wanting to make things better, and his heart was in farming. He wanted things better for farmers and the coal industry,” his mother told the outlet. 

First things first, major props to David Andahl. People have a hard enough time winning an election when they're alive! This guy must have been a hell of a person for 6,000 people to vote for him even though he's passed on to the afterlife. 

A story I heard a couple of weeks ago was the first thing that jumped out at me when I read this one. The story Chief covered on the Samsung CEO

According to Chief - 

Samsung is transformed by this guy Lee Kun-hee into this MASSIVE global brand and economic power. He becomes one of the richest people in the world. In 2014 he has a heart attack and fucking drops dead BUT...his son and the Samsung shareholders pretend that he is still alive in a Weekend At Bernie's type situation. They have him under 24 hour guard on the top floor of a hospital that Samsung owns. Private elevator up his floor. NOBODY had seen him for years. Why make up this whole story that he was still alive? A "wealth tax" that exists in South Korea. His son was set to inherit like 7-10 billion dollars worth of stock in Samsung, but in South Korea it's the wealth that is taxed not necessarily the income. So if you're worth $10B but it's in stock, it doesn't matter, you still have to pay the tax in cold hard cash. So he would have to liquidate his holdings to cover the tax, but putting that much stock into the market and the official instability that comes from an ownership change, would cause the stock to plummet to the point that the son would end up with virtually nothing. So what did he do instead...just pretend that his dad was still alive for 7 fucking years while he moved this around and tried to avoid arrest and various charges by the South Korean federal government. Crazy fucking story. Can't wait to get the real story on how this all went down. Why now? Why tell the world that he is dead in OCT 2020 after all this time? Need to know.

So my question here is why didn't the good people of North Dakota even tell anybody that David Andahl was dead? Why not just board him up in a log cabin somewhere and appoint his Chief of Staff to relay all messages from him? Say he's super sick like the Samsung guy was and couldn't be bothered seeing anybody. 

If the people of Samsung can pull off a real-life Weekend At Bernie's for SEVEN YEARS how hard would it be in today's age of zoom meetings and social distancing to pull this off for a couple of years until you get your ducks in a row for succession?