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Brock Holt Just Hit For The Cycle And Wally Pipp'd Dustin Pedroia


Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.44.50 PM





First Sox cycle since Jon Valentin 19 years ago and just what we needed to turn this thing around. Everything is gonna be going great now that we’ve found the winning recipe: Pedroia and Hanley on the bench give you 18 hits. But someone please tell the Fenway Faithful we’re now back because somehow the crowd had no idea what happened. Legit took Fenway until the next inning to realize and give Brock a real half-assed standing O.






Come on, guys. I get that the season sucks but that is a HORRIBLE look. When Brock Holt hits for the cycle you need to be on that, it’s more rare than a no-hitter. Waiting until it’s flashed on the scoreboard to realize is absurd. Quit singing Sweet Caroline and pay just a little bit of attention to what’s going on, on the field.






“Hey Pedey, you heard of Wally Pipp?”

“Shut the fuck up”