This Goalie Had A Death Wish

One of my favorite things about goalies is how they all think that they'd have the best hands on the team if they weren't in net, and how they all think they'd be the fastest skater on the team if they didn't have to wear all that gear. They are always convinced they'd be the best player on the ice if they didn't decide to be a goalie. Then they watch a bunch of highlights of Martin Brodeur handling the puck and they get cocky. Little Tommy Tendy gets a little too confident in himself and thinks he can play the puck up at the blue line and snap off a little tape-to-tape sauce for a quick assist. 

Next thing you know…

BRIDGEPORT -- Asked Zamboni driver:

"God, did you hear about Tommy Tendy?"

Zamboni Driver: "No."

Me: "Died. Got absolutely fuckin' steamrolled trying to play the puck up at the hash marks."

Thought he would cry.