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Some Brazilian Girls (*cough) Went Absolutely Ballistic On A Dance Floor


This video is going viral today with a bunch of headlines about how it’s a couple girls going wild on a Brazil dance floor. And normally that’s fine except that A) We’re in transgender capital of the world Brazil and these ladies have the builds of spark plug Brazilian halfbacks and B) There has never been a woman in existence with dance moves like this:




That’s an “I’m a former Brazilian emo kid with bangs who thrashed out to Atreyu because I was trying really hard to be a guy but now I’m a woman named Ana Beatriz and never learned how to dance like a sexy Brazilian lady” couple of moves if I’ve ever seen them. And the fact that a bunch of seemingly horny and probably very grabby South American bros seem to be keeping a mile of distance between themselves and the gals would also support that theory, I’d say.


Obviously it doesn’t matter either way because tolerance and progressiveness and aggressive off-rhythm headbanging for all but vote 1 for these are a group of saucy independent ladies and 10 for “This might as well be a To Wong Foo reunion.”


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