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It Is Very Brave Of The Heat To Be Willing To Include Tyler Herro In A Trade For Giannis

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this. How brave of the Heat to be willing to part with Tyler Herro if it means landing Giannis. There's no denying that Herro had an incredible rookie season. Shit, he had his way with my beloved Celts in a way that's illegal in 37 states. Shot their asses right out of the Eastern Conference Finals like you read about

He basically took the internet by storm and is as promising a rookie as we have in the league. He can light it up, he's a playmaker, he rebounds, he has balls of steel and a confidence level that many of us can only dream of. 

But you trade Tyler Herro if it gets you Giannis. Listen, I can understand hyping up and overvaluing your own guys. I mean, I root for the Celtics. It's what we do maybe better than any fanbase on the planet. But you search Twitter and you'll see a lotttttttttt of Heat fans talk about how Tyler Herro should be untouchable in any trade. Even if that trade is for a young 2 time MVP. That's a little crazy. No, that's a lot crazy. Jimmy Butler and Bam? Sure, those are untouchable guys. All Star level talents right this second. At this moment in time, that is not Tyler Herro and if you can find a package that adds Giannis to Bam/ do it without thinking twice. 

You think Pat Riley is going to let Tyler Herro stand in the way of landing his next white whale? Pat Riley?!?!? Of course not, nor should he. Hitting on a late lottery pick like Herro and then flipping him for an MVP is every GM's wet dream. Can you imagine if that was the one thing that prevented another super team in Miami from forming? Like I said, Herro is a really good young player, but he isn't fucking Giannis. 

Now you could argue that the Heat shouldn't even trade for Giannis and then just sign him in free agency next offseason. But there's always the risk Giannis doesn't opt out, and then you have to use that cap space on worse talent (unless you think Kawhi is leaving LAC). If the Heat have the opportunity to give up some assets a year early and bring in Giannis, Riley will do it. If that means Tyler Herro will be taking his talents back to Wisconsin, well then so be it.