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Damian Lillard Hopped On IG Live With Teammate Anfernee Simons And Immediately Made Fun Of Him For Having A Girl With Him

One of those things we argue all the time is if an athlete gets it or not. Well, Dame just gets it. He hits with his content all the time - whether it's on the court, rapping or on social media. He's gone after Skip Bayless. He gotten into a rap battle with Marvin Bagley and now he's roasting his teammate for having a girl with him. That sly line 'you're working out alright' is gold. That's why Dame is so beloved. The guy is willing to stay with the Blazers, try to keep them relevant and deliver content. As a blogger, you can't ask for much more. 

We got a decent shot in at money here too. Dame calling him out for flying her out now that he has some money makes it even better. The poor kid is just 21 years old and was a late 1st round pick in 2018. He's still on that rookie deal - although it's not like it's a small amount of money. He's just trying to hook up and show out with his All-NBA teammate. Just goes to show you that no matter if you're rich, poor, NBA player or blogger, your friends will roast you and your girl. Honestly, it's what we need more of. I want more of this instead of the 'hey good for you' post. Give me Dame just making fun of everyone. 

The only thing I wish was Dame hit him with the wave after the joke 

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PS: Great recover on the 'oh you did tell me about Brie.' A+ recovery. Saved Anfernee a fight there.