John Tyler (The Tenth President of The United States) Has A Living Grandchild

Okay. So now that you have recovered from the shock to the system that is discovering we had a man named John Tyler as President of the United States at one point, let's focus on the news at hand.

John Tyler was born in 1790. SEVENTEEN NINETY. A mere 14 years after the entire United States of America was officially formed. Then that horny son of a bitch has a kid named Lyon SIXTY THREE years later at that age. This child was apparently also gifted with that horny gene because HE then has two children at the ages of SEVENTY ONE (Lyon 2.0) and SEVENTY FIVE (Harrison). A casual 138 years over two generations. Let's put this all in a timeline to make it a bit easier to digest.

1790: John Tyler is born

1841: John Tyler becomes POTUS (JT Age 51)

1853: John Tyler's wife pops out Lyon (JT Age 63)

1862: John Tyler croaks (Age 72)

1924: Lyon's wife pops out Lyon 2.0 (LT Age 71)

1928: Lyon's wife pops out Harrison (LT Age 75)

2020 (October): Lyon dies (Age 95)

2020: Harrison (Still alive at 92!)

That is absolutely BONKERS. Imagine you're Harrison Ruffin Tyler, kicking around at the ripe age of 92 and someone says "Oh what was your grandpa like?" and answering "Well I'm not really sure because he died 66 years before I was born, but he was the TENTH President of the United States." 

I tried to find statistical data on how rare it is for back-to-back generations to have kids that old, but there was barely anything available. BUT, to put things in slight perspective, Abraham Lincoln who was president six terms later, had his final grandchild die in 1937, 83 years ago. 

Nothing insanely exciting here but felt like a fun fact for the people.