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Warriors Release New 'Oakland Forever' Jerseys, Fans Lose Their Shit On Twitter Reminding Them They Moved And Owe The City $40 Million

All things considered these jerseys are awesome. A flashback to the days with Baron Davis and crew. Remember this mascot? 

Rocky Widner. Getty Images.
Rocky Widner. Getty Images.

All things great, right? Well then you remember that the Warriors moved from Oakland to San Francisco a year ago. Little hint: these cities don't love each other. Makes it even more hilarious when you see 'Oakland Forever' on the jersey release. But there's more! 

[Chronicle] - The Golden State Warriors are taking their multimillion-dollar fight with their old landlords at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority to the state Supreme Court.

At issue is the outstanding debt on the 1996 renovation of the 19,000-seat Oakland Arena, where the team played for decades before crossing the bay back to San Francisco last year.

Nothing like a little $40 million lawsuit! But this will always make me laugh. Let's check out Twitter and the reactions: 

And on and on we go. I always feel bad for the social media guy. Just picture like Bailey Carlin or Joey Langone or Chuck Naso sitting there firing off this tweet and getting bombarded with $40 million lawsuit tweets and how they moved from Oakland. I'm not ashamed to admit I love when a team releases a jersey and immediately fans lose their shit because of it. It always delivers. 

These are fire jerseys though.