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Venezuelan News Smokes Are Getting Naked To Support The Soccer Team

South America – An all-female ‘news’ team in Venezuela have decided to show their support for the national football team in this year’s Copa America tournament – by stripping completely naked. Eight presenters from Desnudando la Noticia – which translates as ‘Stripping the News’ – decided to bare all as an encouragement to the ‘gladiators’ of football, asking other women to join them. The team, which consists largely of models and beauty contestants, say their presenting style is aimed at ‘empowering women’ and getting rid of the taboo around nudity.

And who is anyone to complain? Now this is how you show some national pride. Actually, if anything this is definitive proof that women can literally say ANYTHING and guys will still stand at attention. Ah, the joys it must be to win the genetic lottery. These are some of the most beautiful Latinas out there. Beyond drop dead gorgeous, and apparently that’s all that matters. It’s near impossible to look away. She is going off about freaking soccer in some dead language I don’t understand and it’s like I’m staring at a goddamn 3D Magic poster. She could be reading Mein Kampf out loud and I will smile and nod like a puppy dog in hopes of those pasties popping off. Granted, the beauty could be speaking straight English to my face and I would still ignore what she’s saying, but that’s neither here nor there. Hot chicks are aware of the power they wield.