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Rick From Red Deer Teamed Up With His Neighbor To Build An Incredible ODR

The mayor of Red Deer is at it again. Good old Rick From Red Deer, Alberta has teamed up with his neighbor to build an outdoor oasis worthy of some type of ODR award. The Rink is lined like a regular rink and is said to have a viewing terrace that has a hot tub and a grill.  

The rink has been going viral across hockey reddit and it has every single American wondering what ODR life is actually like in Canada. In America there is one kid in the neighborhood with the ODR and everyone is nice to him for that reason. If the kid sucks, there is really nothing you can do. You have to pretend to be his friend so you can get your skate in. Canada on the other hand is a whole different ball game. I feel like these kids ALL have outdoor rinks and they have to compete with each other to see who has the better one. Imagine your 8 year old shit head son yelling at you because the Smiths down the street used plexy glass around their boards? I bet it's a battle up north when outdoor rink season hits. Neighborhoods get torn apart. Next thing you know you've got the hockey moms brawling in the street over who provides better rink side snacks. 

If you grow up in this neighborhood and at least one of the kids doesn't go bro, this was all a failure. All the time and effort that went into building this winter wonderland means absolutely nothing if we don't see any NHL time from one of these kids.