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Tom Brady Wants To Be Completely Exonerated And Wants His Suspension Entirely Vacated




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Let’s fucking do this! Time to war up again! We’ve had a bit of an offseason for the Deflategate controversy but it looks like we’re back to firing on all cylinders. A lot of people have speculated that Brady would be willing to take a one or two game suspension as long as it was for failure to cooperate rather than deflating footballs. That way the controversy is behind everyone, his record is clean, and he sits in September rather than November. I was one of those people who believed that.



But, if Sal Pal knows what he’s talking about here (and I assume that he does), that doesn’t look like it’s gonna be the case. Brady isn’t willing to take a game and Robert Kraft doesn’t expect that he will. Time to do the happy dance, folks! Because if this all went away with a handshake, a reduction, and a parting of ways, it would be the most anticlimactic controversy ever. I want fucking blood. I want that smug fuck Goodell dead, I want him scared to go on stage at the Super Bowl next year to hand the Pats their trophy. I don’t want this to be a footnote on Brady’s career, I want it to be the main story. Not only was Tom Brady the best quarterback who ever lived, he’s also the man who took down a Nazi regime. That’s how I want this shit to end. With Goodell in ruins after Tom Brady and the NFLPA chop his balls off.