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Dan Mullen Was Fined 25k For Being A Football Guy And Sticking Up For His Team

It was an interesting weekend in Gainseville that came to an end with no players suspended and a 25k fine for Dan Mullen.

Let's recap for anyone that missed the brawl between Florida and Missouri. It all started with a BIG hit on Kyle Trask to end the half:

The SEC refs missed a blatant targeting/late hit call here and a brawl broke out:

This could've all been avoided if the SEC refs had just done their job and threw a flag on a blatant late hit that was completely unneeded at the end of the half. Those refs won't be fined I assume, because it was all Dan Mullen's fault!

The clip that really pissed off the capital J journos on Twitter and, apparently, the SEC, was Dan Mullen....wait for it....pumping up the crowd! GASP!!!

Ultimately, this cost Mullen 25k. This isn't the first time the SEC has fined one of their coaches for speaking up after their refs fucked up. This was last week:

Essentially, when the SEC fucks up, they want the coaches of their teams to just lay down and say nothing. Their message? Be a pussy. Don't speak up for your players. Or we'll fine you.