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Iona And Hofstra Hoops Are Having Their Mascots Play Rock, Paper, Scissors To Determine Who Gets A Home Game This Year And It's AWESOME

Ricky Pitino did it again! I've said it before but it's awesome having him back in college hoops. What other Hall of Fame coach would agree to some shit like this? No one. Rick knows how to sell and Wednesday night will be the most contested rock, paper, scissors game since Jared Carrabis played. Personally, we need more things solved this way. Not just rock, paper, scissors but specifically with mascots. Look at this fucker: 

Jamie Squire. Getty Images.

That guy is going to terrify anyone during a game of rock, paper, scissors. Oh and quick note that is how you say the game. Fuck outta here with any other variation. It's rock, paper, scissors and the official count is 'rock, paper, scissors, shoot.' That's it. That's how you play. Best out of 3 too. 

Why we need more of this? First off, mascots are fucking hilarious looking. Second, there's no controversy in rock, paper, scissors. It's just you and your opponent, one-on-one, feeling the competitive juices. You know who won clear as day. They get the home game. Or let them defer to next year and hope there are more fans allowed. Either way, you know who won rock, paper, scissors. Give me more of this.

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