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Investigation: Can We Still Consider Drew Lock Cool After His Halftime Pump Up Speech AND Game-Winning Touchdown Dance Yesterday?

Man, there's nothing like the Chargers during the 4pm window. I'm starting to think it's just them and not Phillip Rivers that always delivers some horrendous last possession. This time though it was the defensive side of the ball. We know the results. Drew Lock throws a game-winning touchdown, you can watch it above even. But this isn't about the game. Oh, no. This blog is an investigation into whether or not we can still consider Drew Lock cool. 

You see Drew Lock was deemed cool when he rapped Jeezy on the sidelines 

Shit, he even did that at Missouri: 

Dude loves Jeezy, hit the lyrics. Immediate cool points. But it's even more than that. He dated Gracie Hunt (of the Chiefs Hunt fame). He's immediately the cool quarterback. No ifs ands or buts about it. You have to be cool to date Gracie: 

But let's fast forward to yesterday again. The Broncos were down 14-3 at half. What does Lock do at halftime? 

[PFT] - “I just got up in front of the offense and said, ‘Listen, it’s so easy for us to come in here and yell and scream and get mad about what we’re doing bad, but we just need to man up, and when the plays come our way, we need to make them, myself included. I’m not yelling at y’all, I’m obviously talking to myself right now, screaming to myself right now,'” Lock said, via Jeff Legwold of “And that’s exactly what we did.”

I'm a huge pump up speech guy. Love them, live for them. They make or break sports movies. Think about Herb Brooks and all the pump up speeches he had that we saw during Miracle. Think about Hoosiers. Think about any great sports movie like Friday Night Lights. Shit, Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose always plays. This speech? It stinks out loud. Loses multiple points, even if he comes back to win. 

But then there's the dance. Look at noted cool guy Rone's response: 

Speaks volumes to his coolness. You can't have a noted cool guy call you out. You simply can't. Doesn't matter who you are or what you just achieved. The moment another cool guy says something like Rone did, you go back to zero. 

But then you remember he's dating former Barstool Smokeshow Natalie, is a pro QB and I'm just a bald, idiot blogger trying to get pageviews on what he does. 

RULING: Drew Lock is still cool.