Mike Davis Is The Smartest Player In The NFL For Refusing To Get Fined For Fighting, But Willing To Throw Hands In The Offseason If Necessary

This right here is the smartest tweet in NFL history. Our early season fantasy savior Mike Davis coming through again. Obviously this is in reply to the Bears/Saints game: 

And I get it. Fighting on the field is stupid. There are literal helmets for protection, pads, all that stuff. It's tough to win a fight on a football field and feel like you have way more of a chance of breaking something in your hand than not. Not to mention the fine. Call me crazy, but even as a rich person I'd prefer having extra thousands of dollars. Granted, there are extenuating circumstances. Andre Johnson should have fought Cortland Finnegan numerous times

But this is why you do exactly what Mike Davis says. Fight in the offseason. You avoid a fine then. Pure genius. Then again, I wouldn't expect anything else from a guy saving multiple fantasy seasons for what he did in weeks 3 and 4. Just know if you piss Mike Davis off, in a few months you have hell to pay. Just don't be an Internet tough guy. 

Now let's watch some fights