Gotta Brush Up On The Rules, But Fairly Confident This Halloween Costume Is A Major Uniform Violation

This is for everyone that went to Catholic school. You hear the word uniform violation and immediately freeze. Bullshit detention if you ask me. Now, I may have gotten a few here and there because my school was dumb as shit with socks over the ankle and shoes below the ankle (sorry for liking Timbs). But I do have to brush up on my York Catholic uniform code because I'm pretty sure Katya Elise Henry is breaking it here with Tyler Herro. 

I will say there was something awesome about just waking up and knowing what you were wearing. The only thing you could flex was the new Doc Martens the first day of school and what shade of brown you got. For us it was school-issues polo shirts 1st and 4th quarters, school-issued sweater, button up and tie 2nd and 3rd. You might get fancy with the tie but other than that it was the same shit over and over again. Kinda bullshit we had uniform violations now that I look back on it. 

Shout out the GOAT though

There was no bigger lie than this music video. Nobody looked like this. Just false hope for all of us going to school the day after seeing the music video. 

Have a year Tyler Herro. 

PS: This top reply to the tweet is officially putting Youngstown Bob on notice