Anthony Lynn Is The Michelangelo Of Blowing Leads

There is absolutely no chance that Anthony Lynn survives this season. 




There are a few situations where you can blame the team or individual player's performances for a blown lead. But four blown leads in a row (not even going into the INSANE number of close losses and blown leads Lynn has had in his career as HC with the chargers(2-9 in one score games over the last 4 years) lands squarely on the shoulders of him and the coaching staff. Particularly Lynn and Bradley. They got plenty of wiggle room after all the injuries the team has gotten over the years, but the fact that they haven't been able to close out games in this many instances is fucking baffling. 

I should be numb to this at this point but I'm not! No matter how many Chargers close losses there are I just can't fucking manage to get numb to what this team does to my soul. Fucking FIGURE IT OUT!