There Is Nothing Better Than Beating The Ravens In Baltimore; Steelers Move To 7-0

I was told 6-10. 

I was told Big Ben was washed up.

I was told the Steelers haven't played anybody. 

Take all that and shove it. Back to back wins over the once 5-0 Titans and the 5-1 Ravens both on the road. 7-0.

This was another classic Steelers-Ravens game. Down to the literal last play and both fanbases sweating throughout. Damn. I'm having 6-10 celebratory drinks but also drinks to take the damn edge off. 

It was a really good job of both teams adjusting throughout. Just like a heavyweight bout. Ravens would punch, Steelers would counter. Steelers would punch, Ravens would counter. It was a thriller, and luckily we came out on the right side of it this time. Let's do our weekly tradition and hand out some game balls. 

Robert Spillane

Robert f*ckin Spillane. What a player. He's been tremendous in his first two weeks filling in for Devin Bush as the starter. Started with a bang sitting in zone, reading Lamar's eyes, and sliding right in front of the Ravens receiver to take it to the house. Set the tone early, and then finished it as well after he landed on Lamar's fumble on 4th down. Finished with 10 tackles. What a team effort that play was. So far though, Spillane is winning over Steelers Nation big time.

Alex Highsmith

If you had Robert Spillane and Alex Highsmith both having an INT against the Ravens today then you're a lucky SOB. Highsmith is a specimen, really physical, and I had to tip the cap to him for his first career turnover. The Steelers were getting it handed to them 17-7 to start the second half. His pick changed the game. 

Ben Roethlisberger

First half was rough. Really rough. He was definitely feeling out being on the road against a top ranked Baltimore defense that he hasn't seen for over a year. And that's being kind. But damn he took control after half. 21-32, 182 yards, 2 TDs including the game winner to Chase Claypool and most importantly…no turnovers. That's huge. It's the difference in the game today. He looked efficient and really good when it mattered most. 

JuJu Smith-Schuster

I don't even think JuJu was targeted in the first half. He was a ghost. All the Steelers receivers were. But like everything else with this game it came around after half for him. 24 yard catch on the opening drive in the 3rd quarter. Caught a couple big third down conversions including one on the game winning drive where he put his shoulder down and fought through his nemesis Marlon Humphrey to gain the necessary yards. Really tough play. Really tough guy. 7 catches on 8 targets for 67 yards. Love how he's played this year. 

Whew. Enjoy the hell out of this one, Steelers nation. It can't be stated how big of a win that was not only coming from behind down 10 at the half (Lamar was 22-0 when leading at half before today), but also for the division. Steelers 7-0. Ravens 5-2 with a loss to the Steelers. Big time. 

Now, heads down and back to work for Ben DiNucci and the Boys next week to finish this road trip. Here We Go.