Dana White Says He Expects Khabib Nurmagomedov To Return For One Final Fight (In Attempt To Go 30-0)

How long did that MMA retirement last? About a week? I suppose it's not confirmed that he'll be coming back, but you heard the boss there. If he's not stripping Khabib of the title to put it up for grabs for McGregor/Poirier in January....he'll probably be back.

I feel like such an idiot for believing in this one and really buying into it. Emotions were high, everyone was crying, Khabib's closest friends and coaches were saying we'll never see him again, that he wouldn't go back on a promise to his mother, and I just believed it! Threw everything I've ever known about MMA retirements out the window, and I believed it!

Credit to Dave, he didn't buy this for a second, but I think he - like many others - believed money would be the main factor to draw Khabib back into the octagon - this prrrrobably isn't that. 

This is about Khabib honoring one of his father's final wishes for him, which was to become 30-0 before retiring, making him the "Floyd Mayweather" of mixed martial arts....

I'm not sure if they'd be able to make the superfight with Georges St-Pierre happen, as the late Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov wanted, but Dana White DID tease something "special" for Khabib if he made it past Justin Gaethje, and specifically expressed some interest in that fight last month, so who knows! 

Obviously the UFC would like to put the Conor McGregor rematch on before anything else, as Dana has discussed maaaany times in various interviews since their fight in October of 2018, but Khabib swears he'll never allow that to happen again - even for all the money in the world - so I just don't think we'll ever get to see that one again….even tho we obviously we can't trust him on his word anymore.