Fuck It, It's #ChristmasMusicSZN

I am usually someone who subscribes to the theory that you should avoid playing Christmas music in early November because it feels weird to have that magical joy tickle your ear drums while you are eating Halloween candy and you should #RE2PECTTheBird by bottling up most of your Christmas cheer until at least after the Lions lose the early Thanksgiving Day game. 

But considering we are currently running the clock out on an an absolute shit year with a zillion different awesome things that have either been cancelled or turned into a Diet Coke corona zombie version of their usual selves, I think we need to inject our brains with as many CC's of the finest holiday dopamine on the planet sooner rather and later. If that bougie Baby New Year ain't gonna get off his pampered ass and put an end to 2020 ASAP, we are going to trick our brains into thinking this shit is almost wrap. Right before Election Day no less! Trust me, this is exactly how Jesus would want it. Ask any of the 12 Apsotles and they would tell you that dude looooooooved talking about his birthday weeks before it happened.

So sit back, relax, and hit Play on the song above (that is actually the only Christmas song that can be played 365 days a year since it is bigger than Christmas like the movie Die Hard) and load your brain with so much Christmas music, cookies, and joy that all the other noise from the real world simply disappears.

If you have any issues with any of these takes, please tweet them to @UncleChaps. Merry Christmas everyone (FYI, not only are we saying that again but we can say it again starting today).