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Watch This Dude Get SLINGSHOTTED Into The Shadow Realm By A Vicious Uppercut

Holy fuck! How'd THAT happen?! I don't think I've ever seen someone spring-back/FOLD like that in all my time watching fights!

Miles Johns is the name of the fellow who just absolutely SLINGSHOTTED Kevin Natividad into the shadow realm with that uppercut straight out of a video game, impressing many on the roster....

....and fittingly, scaring the living SHIT outta me to such a level that I finally feel I'm in the Halloween spirit! 

Taken in 2016

Let's watch some barbaric human cockfighting together, eh?! 

P.S. Tonight marks Anderson "The Spider" Silva's final fight in the UFC, and it's taking place on Halloween - how did they not figure out a way to make an awesome poster for this card? "The Spider" calling it a day on Halloween? C'mon people. That slipped thru the cracks.